Slow Social Science Democracy in the Contemporary World….

In this democratic world, we have no choice for procrastinating things.for selfish motto in our life span, we  forgot who we are & why we have come here. Undermining nature’s  processes and superimposing our materialistic aspiration, leading to adverse effects are Natural Disasters, be it Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Tsunami, and other geological processes termed as  Natural Disasters. Myself being a participant, in the very 1st Mock drill of earth quake related disaster management by NDRF in 2012,  when whole district administration functionaries were part of that drill. During, as usual media bite, when my colleague , Jagdish Singh Ranawat asked the Major Gernal Mr Sinha about the preventive part of disaster management, he assured as usual, without the feel of gravity of situation being underlined.. Infact we do not have any concrete disaster management policy for the purpose, specially in the context of Hilly states. We are notorious to wait till the end.

We can see all sort of adverse effects where we have created the vulnerability due to our own greed and lust for money. in this context we can see an example of negligence in front of administration residence in solan town. kotlanala.a big lanslide is an invitation to so many lifes  .We hope if we will handle the situation  in life & make this example a turning point & take the needful action in timely.

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