Chopal Police bags 6th place in list of top 10 performing police stations across the nation

Chopal Police bags 6th place in list of top 10 performing police stations across the nation

The list was released by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh,   during the ongoing three day long annual  DGP conference at Kevadiya Colony in Narmada District of Gujarat.

Chopal Police Top 10 Police_Stations_India

Santosh Sharma DSP Chopal Police, HP
Santosh Sharma DSP Chopal Police, HP

On the top of the rank-list stands Kalu police station of Rajasthan. Singh awarded trophies to the police officers of the top three police stations of India in 2018 at the conference. The top three police stations in India for 2018 are Kalu (Bikaner, Rajasthan), Campbell Bay ( Andaman & Nicobar Islands) and Farakka (Murshidabad, West Bengal).

Top 10 Plolice Stations in country : Tweet from MOH Twitter Handle
Top 10 Plolice Stations in country : Tweet from MOH Twitter Handle

Reports stated that the list was prepared by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) after careful scrutiny of the work done by the police stations to judge the best and deserving ones in the country. The IB collected data from state agencies to judge the best-performing police stations before filtering and picking the top 10 in the country as per the parameters set by Bureau of Public Research and Development (BPR&D).

In the past, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had recommended all States and Union Territories to adopt Rajasthan model of grading police stations to identify best station in their jurisdictions. It is aimed at bringing in a healthy competition between police stations in respective areas that results in improvement of law and order situation, bring down crime rate and increase prosecution rate.

Ranking Criteria  for Top Ten Police Stations in Country

This ranking criteria was based the parameters set by Bureau of Public Research and Development (BPR&D).  According to the standards set by BPR&D,  performance of the police station is measured on a scale of 50 points. A police station will score 8 points if they detain person under National Security Act or Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act; Seize more than 4500 litres of spurious liquor; seize more than one kilo of ganja; recovery stolen property beyond 50 % and if they send passport verification report within seven days.

Every police station can earn maximum of 12 points if pendency of previous year’s case is less than 2% or if they succeed in getting life imprisonment in every case. A maximum of 10 points is given to police station that disposes of rape cases within 15 days of reporting. On the flip side, police stations will lose a highest of 50 points for every false entry made or if a police officer from respective police station is trapped by Anti-corruption Bureau sleuths.

Almost 20 points will be deducted if an IGP has to attend law and order problem in a police station limits or if police officer is suspended. About 10 points is lost if SP/Commissioner had to attend a law and order problem; if disposal in rape or SC/ST prevention of atrocities Act is less than 60% or if passport verification report is sent was below 80% within seven days.

This apart, general maintenance of station records, hygiene and sanitation around the station, optimum utilization of available resources; efforts in implementation of smart policing and whether there is complain against police officer of their behavior are the other criteria adopted to assess the performance.
Here is the list of top 10 performing police stations across the country, as per the position secured:

Google Celebrates 44th Anniversary of the Arecibo Message

Forty-four years ago today, a group of scientists gathered at the Arecibo Observatory amidst the tropical forests of Puerto Rico to humankind’s first attempt at communication with intelligent life beyond our own planet. Their three-minute radio message—a series of exactly 1,679 binary digits (a multiple of two prime numbers) which could be arranged in a grid 73 rows by 23 columns—was aimed at a cluster of stars 25,000 light years away from earth.

The Arecibo message is a 1974 interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth sent to globular star cluster M13 in the hope that extraterrestrial intelligence might receive and decipher it. The message was broadcast into space a single time via frequency modulated radio waves at a ceremony to mark the remodeling of the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico on 16 November 1974
The message was aimed at the current location of M13 some 25,000 light years away because M13 was a large and close collection of stars that was available in the sky at the time and place of the ceremony. The message consisted of 1,679 binary digits, approximately 210 bytes, transmitted at a frequency of 2,380 MHz and modulated by shifting the frequency by 10 Hz, with a power of 450 kW. The “ones” and “zeros” were transmitted by frequency shifting at the rate of 10 bits per second. The total broadcast was less than three minutes.

This is the message with color added to highlight its separate parts. The actual binary transmission carried no color information.

The number 1,679 was chosen because it is a semiprime (the product of two prime numbers), to be arranged rectangularly as 73 rows by 23 columns. The alternative arrangement, 23 rows by 73 columns, produces an unintelligible set of characters (as do all other X/Y formats). The message forms the image shown on the right, or its inverse, when translated into graphics, characters, and spaces.

Dr. Frank Drake, then at Cornell University and creator of the Drake equation, wrote the message with help from Carl Sagan, among others. The message consists of seven parts that encode the following (from the top down):

The numbers one (1) to ten (10) (white)
The atomic numbers of the elements hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus, which make up deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) (purple)
The formulas for the sugars and bases in the nucleotides of DNA (green)
The number of nucleotides in DNA, and a graphic of the double helix structure of DNA (white & blue)
A graphic figure of a human, the dimension (physical height) of an average man, and the human population of Earth (red, blue/white, & white respectively)
A graphic of the Solar System indicating which of the planets the message is coming from (yellow)
A graphic of the Arecibo radio telescope and the dimension (the physical diameter) of the transmitting antenna dish (purple, white, & blue)
Since it will take nearly 25,000 years for the message to reach its intended destination (and an additional 25,000 years for any reply), the Arecibo message is viewed as a demonstration of human technological achievement, rather than a real attempt to enter into a conversation with extraterrestrials. In fact, the core of M13, to which the message was aimed, will no longer be in that location when the message arrives. However, as the proper motion of M13 is small, the message will still arrive near the center of the cluster. According to the Cornell News press release of November 12, 1999, the real purpose of the message was not to make contact but to demonstrate the capabilities of newly installed equipment.


HP Police Safely Rescued Stranded Trekkers at Churdhar Sanctuary, located in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh.

Chopal 12th Nov, 2018 : Chopal Police has successfully rescued 5 trekkers at Churdhar Sanctuary, located in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. As per the information provided by Mr Santosh Sharma, DSP HP Police Chopla, atotaal of five persons, who started trekking at Churdhar on Saturday i.e. 10th Nov, 2018 from Nauhradhar Side. These person included Ravinder Gupta S/0 Ravinder Gupta, Deepak S/o Munna Prasad, Amit Kumar Yadav S/o Suneel Kumar, Neeraj Kumar S/o Jaya Shankar, Amit Dubey S/o Anil Dubey and VikasSharma S/o Deepak Sharma. Five were from Ludhian Punjab and one was from Kurukshetra Haryana. After starting from Nauhradhar side, they were able to cross Tisri, a midway halt before final climb. By then it was already dark and as they started for the final climb, amidst snow, soon they found themselves stranded, as the hill track was submerged under ice and being all first timers, they soon left the steam. Mobile were just out of charge and mobile connectivity was almost missing. Time was around past 8 PM. The Icy winds from fresh snowfall has further dampen the trekkers spirit. In such scenerio, where imminent death from freezing cold was lurking in dark, As the luck would have it, stranded, and thinking for the worst, some one from the team, tried to start the mobile with exhausted battery. And to their luck, its screen came live for a few seconds, before shutting down again. But those few seconds truned life saver for the teamas they were able to send a SOS message using Whatsup to parents of one team member at Ludhiana, Punjab. On receiving SOS message, parents alerted SSP Office, Shimla, which in turns directed Mr Santosh Sharma, DSP, Chopal to conduct a night time rescue mission at the earliest as freezing temperature at Churdhar could have been the point of no return for the stranded trekkers.

Mr Santosh Sharma, DSP Chopal, sensing the urgency, promptly arranged a rescue team of police personnel and then started the mission impossible. Through a well coordinated rescue mission, IT Cell at HP Police Head Quarter Shimla, was able to pin point the position of stranded trekkers from the SOS whatsup message from trekkers. Thanks to digital advancement, having Latitudes and Altitudes, after a grueling climb in freezing temperatur and dark, rescue team was able to reach them at 11 PM. They were all found, huddled together waiting for the worst. They were taken to Churdhar Temple and further taken to Chopal on Monday Morning, where anxious parents were waiting and were soaked with emotion on seeing the rescued trekkers..

Heavy rain throws normal life out of gears in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh


  • Punjab government has issued a ‘red alert’ in the wake of heavy rain in the state and has asked district authorities to maintain vigil
  • A yellow alert has been issued in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta, Idukki and Wayanad districts for Tuesday
  • According to IMD, the June-September monsoon rain is likely to start withdrawing from the northwest from Saturday

NEW DELHI: Heavy rain disrupted normal life in northern parts of the country with flash floods leading to the death of two people in Himachal Pradesh. The Punjab government issued a ‘red alert’ in the state and asked district authorities to maintain vigil, while Delhi witnessed extensive waterlogging and traffic snarls.

Collapsed Road_at Amritsar due to Heavy Rain

According to India Meteorological Department (IMD), the June-September monsoon rain is likely to start withdrawing from the northwest from Saturday.

The monsoon usually starts withdrawing in the first week of September, but this year it has been delayed by nearly four weeks.

A change in the wind pattern is likely over west Rajasthan from Thursday and monsoon withdrawal could start from Saturday, IMD said in a statement.

‘Red alert’ in Punjab

Punjab government has issued a ‘red alert’ in the wake of heavy rain in the state and has asked district authorities to maintain vigil, an official said.

Chief minister Amarinder Singh has also called a meeting of senior officers on Monday to review arrangements to deal with flood-like situations, a spokesman of the chief minister’s office said here.

“Red alert has been issued in view of incessant rain in the state”, he said.

District administrations have been asked to maintain constant vigil in view of rain, the spokesman said.

Punjab has been witnessing widespread rain for the last two days and the downpour continued Monday, prompting state authorities to review preparations to tackle flood-like situations.

District control rooms have been activated for fast response and the Army has also been alerted, the spokesman said.

“The Army has been requested for standby,” he said.

District authorities in catchment areas of rivers have been asked to make sufficient arrangements of boats for any rescue operation, the spokesman said.

Two dead in Himachal; Kullu on high alert

A man and a girl were swept away in Kangra and Kullu districts, respectively, as heavy rains triggered flash floods in Himachal Pradesh on Monday with officials sounding a “high alert” in the latter district.

As water level increased in rivers and streams following incessant rain, a man died after he was swept away in the swelling Nahad Khad (rivulet) in Kangra district, the district administration said.

In another incident, a 14-year-old girl was washed away in Kullu’s Bajaoura, state Forest Minister Govind Singh Thakur said.

Heavy landslides hit vehicular movement on the Chandigarh-Manali highway beyond Mandi town and on the Pathankot-Chamba highway. However, there was no loss of life.

Most parts of Himachal Pradesh witnessed moderate to heavy rains, Shimla Met Centre director Manmohan Singh said.

According to data recorded at 8.30 am, Dalhousie in Chamba district experienced 170 mm rain in the past 24 hours, followed by Chamba 117 mm, Manali 121 mm, Kangra 120.8 mm, Palampur 108 mm, Dharamshala 62.6 mm and Una 62 mm. State capital Shimla experienced 23.1 mm rainfall.

Issuing “high alert” for Kullu district, deputy commissioner Yunus warned the public not to go near rivers and nullahs as flood-like situation prevailed.

Yellow alert issued in parts of Kerala

A yellow alert has been issued in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta, Idukki and Wayanad districts for Tuesday.

In addition to that, a yellow alert has also been issued for Palakkad, Idukki, Thrissur and Wayanad districts for Wednesday. The Met Centre has predicted heavy rainfall (64.4mm to 124.4mm) in these districts.

Meanwhile, the State Disaster Management Authority has instructed district authorities to remain on alert and directed them to take necessary precautions.

Waterlogging, traffic snarls in Delhi

Heavy rains caused waterlogging and traffic snarls on major intersections in the national capital. The Delhi Traffic Police has been constantly updating the commuters about traffic conditions in the city through its Twitter handle. In the morning, city witnessed light rain as the mercury dipped to 24 degrees Celsius, according to the MeT department.
(With inputs from agencies)

NDTV Reports : Himachal Pradesh Schools Closed In 3 Districts Due To Rain: LIVE Updates

Himachal Pradesh Weather: Several roads in Himachal Pradesh, especially in Kinnaur and Chamba districts, were blocked due to landslides, heavy rains and snowfall.


As heavy rain and snowfall hit several districts of Himachal Pradesh, all government and private schools will remain closed in Kinnaur, Kullu and Kangra districts today. The state will not have respite from the bad weather as the weather office has forecast heavy rain and snowfall in the upper hills today.

Several roads in Himachal Pradesh, especially in Kinnaur and Chamba districts, were blocked due to landslides, heavy rains and snowfall. Rohtang Pass received four feet of fresh snow on Sunday, and twenty people had to be rescued, officials informed.

Due to incessant rain, several rivers were flowing above the danger mark. The Chamba administration has warned residents to stay away from Ravi river and other water bodies as water will be released from the Chamera dam.

The water level in Beas is increasing due to incessant rains in the catchment areas. In Kangra, the Larji dam gates in Beas river are being opened. Himachal Pradesh received moderate-to-heavy rainfall since Saturday, with Naina Devi town in Bilaspur district being the wettest with 178.2 mm of rainfall.